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A man of humble beginnings, journeyed from England to Canada with his family at the tender age of eight. The Great White North became his playground, and he grew up working in the family hardware store, mending windows at the crack of dawn.

His entrepreneurial spirit led him to join his brother in building a thriving collectible car restoration business, one of the biggest in North America. It was here that his passion for exotic cars ignited.

But destiny, it seemed, had other plans for David. In 1989, a chance encounter with a newspaper ad for a multi-level marketing opportunity sparked a fire within him. This fire was fueled by his mother's referral to another network marketing company, and David knew he had found his calling.

With relentless determination and an abundance mentality, David rose to the top, becoming a multi-million dollar earner and a sought-after mentor in the network marketing industry. He lives the life of his dreams, filled with luxury and success, a testament to his unwavering belief in the power of network marketing.